Gemma Casling

Gemma Casling

Manager Lamel Beeches (Secondment role)

My role is to ensure the high standard and safe delivery of care to all residents at Lamel Beeches. I also uphold the company's standards and values. My phone number is 01904 416904.

My other responsibilities are supporting the staff team effectively and developing potential. Responding to needs and changes in a fast-paced environment.

A home manger's role can be ever-changing and expanding. No day every feels the same as the last. 

I enjoy seeing the outcomes of what we do on a daily basis - those magical moments that happen every day. I also love to see staff and residents walking down the corridor arm in arm. And residents and staff singing together in the dining room. Laughter throughout the building, and relationships forming to create a lovely, warm home. I feel a strong sense of pride in the great team at Lamel Beeches. 

Residents of Lamel Beeches can contact me about anything they wish to discuss. From a complaint or a compliment to something that’s worrying them or on their mind. Suggestions, or just a chat. 

I have ten years' experience in care management roles. I have a QCF level 5 in Management and Social Care, and a Certificate in Higher Education in Psychology.