Angela Dearing

Angela Dearing

Deputy Director Housing

I lead the housing and communities services across all of JRHT's neighbourhoods. My phone number is 01904 615 990.

I lead JRHT's housing and communities services, including:

  • neighbourhood services
  • sheltered housing
  • extra care at Hartfields in Hartlepool
  • community development and resident engagement, including the use of our community assets
  • customer services, service improvement and performance
  • property maintenance, modernisation and improvement
  • maintenance and development of our green spaces and parks.

I enjoy working with our communities and residents. I enjoy ensuring their homes and environments are safe, warm, affordable and good quality. This supports their broader health and well-being. I value the opportunity to work with colleagues to solve poverty in our communities and the UK.

I am an environmental health officer by profession, but have specialised in housing for most of my career. I have led operational teams for:

  • housing enforcement
  • housing management financial assistance
  • housing options and homelessness services
  • sheltered housing, housing regeneration
  • resident involvement
  • performance and programme management.

I have led on policy and strategy development. I have worked in partnerships with other organisations to ensure people get maximum health benefits from good, safe, affordable housing.