York Committee


The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust operates a small community grants scheme in York called the York Committee, which supports voluntary, community and other not-for-profit organisations to develop strong, empowered communities without poverty or isolation.

York Committee Community Grants

This unsettling and turbulent time in our history is highlighting how much we all rely on each other in our society. While most of us will face some kind of change to our way of life during the coronavirus pandemic, we are not all in the same boat – people who were already struggling to stay afloat every day face being swept further and deeper into poverty.

We have been listening to people, communities and organisations in the places where we work. We’ve heard that the coronavirus pandemic is increasing the risk of being pulled into poverty for many of us – and we’ve heard how vital the work of the community and voluntary sector is in keeping us all supported and connected.

In York, we know that the response across the city has been remarkable, but that many community organisations are worried for their futures, and for the people they support.

JRF and JRHT are part of the life of the city – we build homes, provide care and enable social change for local people – so we are responding to this situation by supporting local people, places and communities to weather the storm.

York Committee Community Grants are enabling vital work in communities across York, providing resources for 23 organisations since the beginning of the year.

For the remainder of 2020, JRHT is working in partnership with Two Ridings Community Foundation to support the voluntary sector in York. JRF has made a donation to Two Ridings to help give community and voluntary organisations a lifeline so they are able to keep working through the coming weeks and months and plan for the future.

Through our communities team we will continue to work alongside people in York, as well as other communities and places where we have roots and across our care communities to maintain our critical services, to meet their emergency needs and to stay safe, connected and supported.

When the lockdown is over, when the pandemic is over, when the emergency response is over, we know that for many people, poverty will not be over. It won’t wash away when COVID-19 recedes. We need to keep looking out for each other; to keep compassion and justice at the heart of our communities and services; to keep strengthening the systems and organisations that can support all of us when times get tough.

If your organisation needs support through the Two Ridings Coronavrius Community Fund you can find details on their website.

The National Lottery Community Fund is also a key source of potential resources at this time. NLCF has dedicated funds to support organisations responding to the crisis over the next 6 months. You can find out more online about the Awards for All programme for grants under £10,000 at ) and for larger grants up to £100,000.

Previously awarded grants

You can download spreadsheets giving full details of grants made by JRHT's York Committee since 2016 via the following links:

In November 2017 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation/Housing Trust signed up to the 360Giving Initiative, which aims to help UK grant makers to publish their data openly online, to an agreed data standard. Publishing information about our grants in an open format on our own website, and through 360Giving, means that it can be shared and compared more easily.

Over time, the intention is that this information will help inform both grant makers and those who are looking for funding and will contribute to more effective grant making.


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