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The latest updates and notices from our New Lodge development.

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31/08/2018: Community Engagement Officer, Stacey Parry, asked pupils at New Earswick Primary School to design a poster reminding construction traffic to drive safely. Evie was one of the winners and helped our Building Services operatives put up her winning design in the village recently. The posters are up just in time for the new school term in starting in September. 


10/08/2018: One of the key features of the development are clearly visible. The large floor to ceiling dormer windows of the one bedroom plus Extra Care apartments are impressive. These top floor apartments will have two large dormer windows, one in the living area and one in the bedroom letting in lots of light and adding to the already spacious room sizes. 

03/08/2018: As another week draws to a close the development is ever changing. Work on the roof continues and the windows have been ordered and are ready to go in. As a act of good will, Wates have filled in the pot holes in the Folk Hall car park as well - bonus!!!

23/07/2018: NOTICE: Wates contract a company to fly a drone over the site to take still images of the construction works. This is nothing to worry about and the images only show the construction. They are not used externally and are only for Wates use internally. Thank you!

12/07/2018: Work on the roof begins. This is a view form the Red Lodge dining area. Residents have been watching the construction with interest, with one lady stating today "we have watched every brick being laid....and are very excited". The development remains on programme.

25/06/18: See picture below of the main building at New Lodge. The images taken just less than a month ago really show the size and scale of the development. Building 1 will include Residential Care Suites and Extra Care Apartments for over 55's. Look out for the news story showing the full video.

28/05/18: Coming soon.....aerial footage of the development. See the main building taking shape, and the floor plans of the rooms coming to life! 

14/05/18: Don't forget - it's third Tuesday drop in tomorrow at the Opens Shop on Hawthorne Terrace, New Earswick. Between 4pm & 6pm come and speak to staff, look at the plans and ask any questions. Hopefully see you there. 

30/04/2018: We have spoken to a few people regarding the mud on the roads in the village. Wates have agreed to operate a more regular cleaning operation, particularly during periods of wet weather. In other news, the brick work has commenced; the detailed pattern is looking great. Check out the picture above! 

16/04/2018: You can now see the super structures of building 1 and building 3 of New Lodge taking shape. Even with the inclement weather the project is on programme. Wates and JRHT are beginning to discuss the finer details of the interior finishes and landscaping. For more information pop along to the monthly drop in's. They're at the Open Shop 4- 6pm, the next one is 15th May. 

09/04/2018: With the bad weathers comes mud mud and more mud! Thank you to those that have told us about the state of the roads in the village. Wates operate a vehicle cleaning service as trucks leave site. However, this doesn't always catch all the dirt on the vehicles. Wates Project Manager will continue to monitor this and ensure street cleaners are in operation when needed. 

26/03/18: Our Building Futures course in essential construction skills has come to an end. All 14 students successfully completed the two-week course and receiving their certificates. All are now qualified to take up a career in the building trade or to seek an apprenticeship. Previously, all the students had been seeking work but were interested in working in construction. An award ceremony was held last Friday to present their certificates.

19/03/18: Works are progressing to building 1 ground floor blockwork and brickwork, ready for the scaffolding to be erected. 

12/03/18: Despite recent snow and below freezing temperatures, we have continued to progress works on site. The ground floor precast concrete units have being installed in Building 1, now that the foundations are complete. The large diameter surface water storage pipe installation is continuing.  

08/03/18: Skills and training - Tuesday saw 15 local residents accepted on the Wates Building Futures course. The course runs for two weeks. It is designed to give candidates the opportunity to taste a variety of skilled trades. They take a CSCS test at the end. JRHT also worked with Year 9 pupils from The Joseph Rowntree School yesterday for Project Dare. Students visited the New Lodge site and spoke to Wates staff, and then worked on a mini design project competition. 

05/03/18: It's all go for Wates!! The snow stopped some of the works, but Wates are back on track. A crane has arrived which is lifting concrete slabs for the flooring. 

26/02/2018: Construction update! The footings for Building 1 are complete. Wates are now installing the 90m long water pipes for the scheme. Look out for notices from Wates near to the footpath from Haxby Road. They're at the back of the swimming pool. Northern Power need to temporarily close it off again shortly. 

12/02/18: It's really taking shape! Building 1 of the development is well underway, pop and have a look! Also we said good bye to the tennis pavilion last week. Look out for the February New Lodge newsletter out now with all the latest on the development!

29/01/2018: You would be right in thinking we have created a new reservoir over in New Earswick. Due to heavy rainfall and poor weather recently, the excavations for the build have inevitably filled with water. Wates are working hard to get the site drained so they can start to dig the footings for Building 1. Also, the temporary site offices are now in full operation, meaning the tennis pavilion will be demolished this week. Get in touch if you have any queries or questions about New Lodge. 

22/01/2018: Please note, the walk way from Haxby Road through to the swimming pool will be closed Wednesday this week. This will be for a period of approx. two weeks. Wates site office cabins will be delivered tomorrow, which will provide welfare facilities and office space for workers. This means that the tennis pavilion can then be demolished. Any questions please get in touch.

12/01/2018: As week two of January comes to an end already, the earth moving continues with New Lodge. Wates have now installed a tarmac road into the site. It means the earth works team can safely queue inside the site perimeter. The initial footings for Building 1 are dug out, and you can clearly see the shape the building will be. 

02/01/2018: Happy New Year to all! Excavation work continues this week, along with the preparation of the old library site for the welfare offices. If you have any questions or concerns contact 01904 406252.

20/12/2017: Thank you to everyone that came to the first New Lodge drop in session. It was at the Open Shop in New Earswick last night. These will continue to take place monthly. They're a great opportunity to ask questions and get information about the development. The next drop in will be Tuesday 16th January 4pm - 6pm at the Open Shop, 20 Hawthorne Terrace, New Earswick. 

19/12/2017: Wates have now demolished the old library building. The site office and welfare facilities will soon be located there once the ground has been levelled off.

07/12/2017: Wates are making good progress with the excavation works. Most of the soil will be reused elsewhere within the development. That's why it is being piled up, rather than removed. They have also made a start on laying a temporary access road into the site for the vehicles. 

4/12/2017: JRHT's Community Engagement Officer, Stacey, and Wates' Site Manager, Craig, delivered the first site safety assembly today. It was at New Earswick Primary School. The children took part in an interactive session. It was designed to make them aware of the dangers of playing on buildings sites. Next week they will be doing the same at the Joseph Rowntree School.

27/11/2017: Our New Earswick for All Ages update for November is now available. This month we give residents more information about construction traffic, plus the latest developments onsite, and in the community.

20/11/17: The first stages of the building work for our exciting New Lodge development begin today, find out more.

07/11/17: Public Notice: "Mitch" the dog belongs to the Bob the surveyor onsite. He is safe and well looked after in the old tennis courts, where the temporary site office is based. Thanks to everyone for your concerns.

06/11/17: JRHT are pleased to officially announce Wates the developer for New Lodge.

06/10/17: Tennis Court launch event success! Thank you to everyone that came along as New Earswick Tennis Club celebrated the opening of the new courts at Sports Club.