Statements of Compliance


The Homes and Communities Agency requires all registered providers to certify their compliance with the Governance and Financial Viability Standard. This is done in their annual accounts document.

The JRHT Board confirms that JRHT has assessed its compliance with the Governance and Financial Viability Standard. They certify that JRHT complies with all the requirements.

JRHT Compliance with 2015 NHF Code of Governance

The JRHT Board adopted the NHF 2015 Code of Governance in November 2016. It complies with the main principles. However, in compliance with the first requirement of the code a statement detailing areas of non-compliance is included below.

The JRHT Trustee body are ultimately responsible for JRHT. They delegate some authority to the JRHT Board. It provides expertise, operational oversight and enables the JRHT Trustees to deliver effective governance. In particular the JRHT Board has responsibility for:

  • Determining key policies.
  • Effective engagement with residents.
  • Monitoring performance in finances.
  • Developments and service delivery.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Service as a JRHT Trustee should be 10 years maximum. However, there is no limit to JRHT Trustees’ term of office set within our Deed of Foundation. Trustees agreed in 2005 that terms should not normally exceed 10 years. Except in the case of our Chair or Deputy Chair, where the maximum is 15 years. JRHT is non-compliant with this part of the code.

Despite the one area of non-compliance, JRHT strives to uphold the nine principles of good governance. These are defined by the NHF code of governance.