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Rent, service charges, and repair charges

We offer residents a variety of ways to pay rent or other charges.

Paying your rent

The important thing to remember about paying rent is that there are plenty of places you can do so. 

We felt people would welcome a choice and a wider selection of possible payment options. That’s why our detailed information on this subject includes the different payment alternatives available and a list of Post Office, PAYzone or PayPoint outlets where you can use your Allpay Card.

Of course paying the rent isn’t always the full story; people also want to know how the rent is set. That’s why our information also explains the often-complicated formulas used to set rents.

Paying for extra services

These are included as part of the total amount you pay each rent period for your home. The type and level of service charge you pay for the extra services we provide will be set out in your tenancy or lease agreement.

Paying for repairs

JRHT has a system for determining what you will and will not be charged for, how to request a repair, and what the possible consequences of carrying out your own repairs or failing to settle invoices for repairs might be.

Report a repair Pay your rent