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Landscape maintenance schedule

Information and guidance on the landscape maintenance work we or our partners carry out on JRHT estates.

Work undertaken in any one visit depends on the level and nature of work required at the time, rather than a pre-determined, fixed schedule of works. It can also vary with each visit and year-on–year, and might be dependent upon the weather, or other growing conditions. We will of course keep you informed of specific work. 

In general terms our leaflet sets out:

  • the work we do “pre-season” prior to grass cutting – typically January to March;
  • activities during the grass-cutting season – usually March to September;
  • what we do as “end of season” work – October to December.

Different areas have different needs, which is why our leaflet summarises the likely work at 14 separate locations.

Please visit The Garth or call 0800 5870211 if you have a specific query.

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