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Help and resources

This section contains information regarding the services we offer and our policies.

If you have a question that isn't answered here please contact us (or try a search, above).

Guide to our services

The services offered by JRHT.

Residents’ handbook

For rented accommodation.

Welfare Reform Changes and JRHT

Information about the forthcoming changes.

Rent and charges

Information about your rent and other charges.

Request a repair

How to request a repair.


How to reduce condensation and black mould.


What to do if you have a complaint or want to send us feedback.

Antisocial behaviour / harassment

How to report incidents and prevent them from occurring.

Adapting your home

Making adaptations to your home to suit your needs.

Modernisation and improvement

Our programme of property modernisation and repairs and what it means for you.

Mutual exchange

Swap your property with a tenant from another housing association or council.

Arrears and debts

Our arrears and debt collection procedures.

About your home

Information about home repairs, improvements, installation and gas safety services.

Garages and parking

Garage and parking services provided by JRHT.

Landscape maintenance

When/how we perform landscape work.

Gardening and allotments

Gardening and allotments services provided by JRHT.

Ending your tenancy/lease

Procedures both we and you follow if your tenancy or lease has to end.

First and starter tenancies

Guidance on preparing for your tenancy.


The personal information held by JRHT and what access and privacy rights you have.

Insurance for leaseholders

The insurance that covers the structure of your home and is provided by JRHT.

Resident involvement

How you can have a say in the services you receive.

Housing with JRHT

Information about the types of accommodation we provide.

Sheltered housing

The range of sheltered housing accommodation available from JRHT.

Accessible information

How to get information from us in a way you can easily understand.

Diversity policy

Our diversity policy and how it works.

Jargon buster

A guide to housing-related acronyms and specialist language you might encounter.

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