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Retirement living and care

We have specialised for many years in the provision of housing with care and support for older people in retirement.

We constantly strive to provide innovative solutions that promote independence in older age and provide choices to suit a range of different requirements.

Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered accommodation housing schemes are aimed at older people who want to live independently in their own self-contained homes but in a socially supportive environment. Sheltered accommodation usually includes: communal facilities; opportunities for social interaction; a call system to request help in an emergency; and a warden or scheme manager, whose job is to manage the scheme, offer advice to residents and, in some cases, help arrange services that the resident needs.

For our full list of Sheltered accommodation scheme, please see our communities page.

Retirement living / care

Extra care schemes provide supportive, stimulating environments in which older people may live wholly independently, and also receive care and support if required, to a level that might previously have only been available in a residential or nursing home. It is a relatively new housing concept, with many benefits including:

  • receiving care or support in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • maintained independence and control
  • choice and flexibility
  • housing design features that are suitable for changing needs
  • opportunity for social interaction
  • availability of communal facilities (such as restaurant, lounge, health suite, activity rooms, library etc.)

We have four extra care schemes.

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