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Our gritting procedure

Thursday, January 17 2013
Keeping our areas safe for all our residents is a priority during the winter months. Find out more about our gritting policy here.

Our gritting policy has been produced so that we can keep residents informed of our approach to keeping the snow and ice away.

Responsibilities do vary between our residential premises, so please see the full policy for full details. 

Particular areas have been identified that should be treated as a priority for the clearing of snow and ice. These include footpaths between main entrances, access roads and other buildings on the premises, paths to and from car parks, fire exits and assembly points, and any external steps used to access any of the above.

If you wish to report: 

  • the grit bin on your scheme is empty or low; or
  • your scheme was scheduled to have been treated, but it hasn't happened

Then contact us on 0800 5870211 between 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday or email

(The normal hours of gritting by the Landscape Maintenance team are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm. Outside these hours the grit bins should be full and snow shovel will be available to apply to emergency routes. Please remember that delays can be due to the conditions themselves - staff will get there as soon as they can).


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