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JRHT investing in existing properties

Tuesday, January 24 2012
JRHT's plans to spend £37 million on new developments in York received excellent coverage in The Press on 23 January.

Over the next three years, we will spend up to £14 million on new services for older people at Red Lodge in New Earswick and £23 million in developing Derwenthorpe, which will eventually have 540 new homes to rent, part-own or buy.

We are also investing more than £9 million over five years in improvements to our existing properties. This work includes:

  • modernisation – the first time we refurbish a property from new, including kitchen, bathroom and boiler replacements and upgrading electrical installations;
  • re-improvement – works carried out to those first modernised properties;
  • major repairs – focusing on the more individual items of a home, such as replacement of windows and roofs;
  • miscellaneous works – improvements to less obvious features of the homes such as safety glazing or loft insulation, or community-based works, including repairs to footpaths, replacing lifts, repairs to garages, providing play equipment, parking areas, street lighting etc.
  • fire protection works to schemes or properties with communal areas;
  • energy enhancements – designed to increase the energy efficiency of a home and reduce its carbon emissions.

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